A search for scientific insights enriched with some personal opinions. Why the efforts?

A long search started in 2005 for true Food & Health scientific insights. Official guidelines did not improve public health in the past decades. Could it be possible that the official guidelines are not optimal or even incorrect? I started a blog titled #softpaleo represents the search for the ‘true’ but is also enriched with my personal opinion about how to achieve an optimal lifestyle.

What are important learnings ten years later? We know that 50% of our knowledge is wrong, but don’t know what 50%. We also know that epidemiology does not provide correlation only some statistics and that we need to reinvent our scientific approaches. I’m not an trained specialist, but if you would ask for my humble opinion about good nutrition, I will say: #Softpaleo.

Regards Wouter de Heij (www.wouterdeheij.com, Food4Innovations).

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